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17. Sep 2019
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  Vessel NameICEIMODWTCBMBuiltOpenDTDProj. Pos.Proj. Pos. DateProj. Pos. 2Proj. Pos. 2 DateLast 3 cargoes
Chemtrans AdriaticB  73.96484.0352005Aratu27. AugARA18. SepBaltic22. Sepnap/go/ulsd
Hafnia AustraliaS  74.53983.0782010Avonmouth18. SepARA20. SepBaltic24. Sepjet/ums/go+jet
Chemtrans Baltic   73.89683.9882005Mohammedia19. SepARA25. SepGIB20. SepUlsd/Jet/ums (oxy free)
StarlingB  74.03283.7562016Limbe13. SepARA5. OctGIB30. Sepums+go/ums/ums
Palawan StarB  73.79684.1282008off Port Everglades16. SepUSG17. Sep jet/ums/ums
KarimataS/B  79.99989.0002019off Japan9. SepS. Korea12. SepTaiwan12. Sepnb/nb/nb
Kamome VictoriaS  74.90884.2742011Nansha18. SepS.Korea22. SepTaiwan20. Seplco/nap/ums
BW LenaS  76.57783.6872007Chiba24. SepS.Korea26. SepTaiwan28. Sepnap/ums/jet
Norstar InvictusS/B  73.61184.1562007Jebel Ali10. SepAG16. SepWCI19. Sepjet/nap+ums/ulsd
NordvenusB  74.99984.0202004Singapore11. SepAG23. SepWCI20. Sepums/gasoil/nap
Norstar Intrepid   74.03484.1372006Karachi20. SepAG23. SepWCI21. Sepums+go/go/go
BW Yarra   74.18984.0402017Djibouti22. SepAG27. SepWCI27. Sepgo+jet/go/jet
BW ThamesS/B  76.58783.6872008ex. Gulei9. SepAG28. SepWCI25. Sepcond/ulsd/ulsd
Tectus   74.86283.1302009Merak19. SepAG1. OctWCI28. Sepums/nap/ums
Jo Redwood  373.84783.2762013Aqaba23. SepAG3. OctWCI 3. Octums/ums/ums
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